Teaching about static electricity

This is a short video from my lesson at the School of Information Technologies and Engineering, ADA university, Azerbaijan.

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Hitchhiking in Kazakhstan in winter

On the 22nd of December, which was the shortest day of the year, I hitch-hiked from Karaganda to Almaty.

The whole journey was just one thousand kilometres.


Somewhere on the road

This was my first hitch-hiking trip in Kazakhstan in winter.

Previously, I had hitch-hiked in winter in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, but those countries are warmer.

I had also hitch-hiked in the Tomsk region of Russia, where it was minus 30 °C, but that region rarely has strong winds, so it is not difficult to travel, provided that you have suitable clothes.

Kazakhstan is notorious for Burans, icy roads, and scary temperatures, so I felt a little uneasy before my journey.

But in the morning when I started, it was only about minus 17 °C.

The weather was pleasant and calm during the whole day. There was almost no ice on the road.


My backpack and my shadow

Two thirds of the distance was covered after the sunset.

It was easy. I would say, too easy for this time of the year in this part of the planet.

It looks like God decided to provide so much care for me this time, that I didn’t have a chance to experience any terrible adventures.

Maybe next time? 🙂

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Photos from my lessons

I teach Scilab to second year undergraduate students at the department of radio-electronics and telecommunications.

The heart is the graph of the function

y = (√cos(x) cos(200x)+√|x|-0.7) (4-x2)0.001








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Our radio contact with the International Space Station

Today we made a radio contact with a Kazakh cosmonaut, Aidyn Aimbetov, who is currently on board of the International Space Station.

This is our video:

Today’s TV news reports about us:

Khabar TV channel in Russian: link

Khabar TV channel in Kazakh: link

Newspaper articles about us:



Our antenna:


Cleaning after installation

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