A year in New Zealand

Today it is exactly one year since we arrived in New Zealand. That day it was colder than now. Or maybe it felt like, either because I slipped on ice as soon as I went out of the car or because we came from Delhi where it was +35°C.

So, what is my experience or what I have learned or how New Zealand has changed me? I’ll try to summarize.

In New Zealand I

  • Lived on a farm and worked with sheep
  • Was a fruit picker
  • Learned that the best quality fruits are indeed in Afghanistan. I heard about it before but now I’ve had one more chance to compare
  • Got a certificate in Information Technology
  • Returned back to science
  • Became an honorary Indian
  • Found that I can hate something even more than I hate Microsoft and McDonald’s. It is Vodafone.
  • Learned to type fast on a mobile phone. Everybody learns it in New Zealand as mobile calls are prohibitively expensive here.
  • Started to dream about living in a big city, a busy hub rather than on a quiet far away island. I have never liked big cities before.
  • Learned (hopefully) that if God closes one door before you, He will open another, much better one. I applied to so many jobs here, and was sad every time I was rejected but how happy I am now that they didn’t accept me. The job that I have now is much better than all of those.
  • Here I enjoy that I don’t have to go shopping. My wife does that. I hate shopping but in Afghanistan I had to do it. Now I don’t even know prices of groceries (I am sure I wouldn’t be terribly happy if I knew them).
  • I exercise every day. My wife and my daughters do the same. We are fit as never before. Here I explain why.

Anyway, I continue to enjoy New Zealand. Wish me a happy second year!

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  1. Поздравляю вас с годовщиной 🙂 вы большие молодцы, только хотелось бы услышать не только о переменах в твоей жизни, Влад, но и в жизни других членов твоей семьи.

  2. Happy Anniversary Vlad.

    You’ve done all that in a year? It seems like much more. Glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself.

    And I want to try some fresh Afghan fruit now!

    • Thanks, Dave. Hope you will try fresh Afghan fruits one day. The farmer with whom I worked in Roxburgh traveled through Afghanistan in 1970. In those years it was completely safe. Hope it will become safe again sometime.

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