A bunch of nice lecture notes

Here: http://www.vectorsite.net/idx_smap.html.

Good, short, introductory lectures in physics, chemistry, C, Shell, Awk, codebreaking, and history of money.

The following passage is from this ‘Elementary Classical Physics’ page:

As an interesting footnote, Hooke and Newton were bitter rivals. Newton was a brilliant but not always very pleasant person, with a tendency to be resentful of and ungracious to competitors. In a 1676 letter, Newton famously told Hooke: “If I have seen further [than others], it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” This has traditionally been cited as evidence of Newton’s modesty, but in fact Hooke was an unusually short person, and in modern times the consensus is that it was more likely that Newton was really being snide, saying that he owed nothing in his own work to a nasty little runt like Hooke.

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