Money saving tips for New Zealand

Recently I needed a couple of passport size photos for some application forms. I had them on my USB drive, and went to a Kodak shop to print them. I asked how much it would cost to print a few small pictures on one 10x15cm page, and the lady in the shop told me that a 10x15cm page costs one dollar. Wonderful.

However, when she chose “Passport photos” on a menu on her complicated printing machine, and the machine formatted the pictures to a small size, it gave me the price 16 dollars. Why is that? – I asked – I don’t want to pay 16 dollars for just one 10x15cm page. Oh, I don’t know, – the lady replied – it looks like it is so expensive because these are photos for an NZ passport.

But I don’t want them for an NZ passport, I am not a New Zealand citizen, I don’t need precise formatting according to strict passport regulations, I just want a small size. If these particular dimensions are so expensive, please change them a little bit.

Oh, … you don’t want them for an NZ passport? OK. Then it is one dollar – said the lady and pressed the “Print” button.


Eight passport size photos on a 10x15cm page will cost you 16 dollars if you say that you want them for a New Zealand passport. The same eight photos of the same size, the same quality, on the same 10x15cm page will cost only 1 dollar if you say that you want them for anything other than a New Zealand passport.

I think I am starting to learn some money saving tips for living in this country.

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