… unlike Turkish Apricots — LOL:)

Two ads from a local newspaper:

I’m sorry but I think that the only noticeable difference between the two is their price.

Here in New Zealand, besides Turkish apricots, we buy grapes from the US, condensed milk made in Singapore, fish imported from Vietnam, and so on.

If you think that exporting fish to New Zealand is like selling sand to Mauritania you might sound logical but Kiwis are really exceptional in making all things expensive.

Imported Vietnamese fish (which is very tasty, despite how local newspapers try to convince you not to buy it), after adding all transportation costs, and customs duties, is still sold for one third of the price of the local fish.

There are ten times more sheep than people in the country. You might think that wool and meat must be definitely cheap here. Ah, naiveté…

Cheap? Not in New Zealand!

Dear Kiwis, believe me, I don’t mind buying local products. I just don’t want to pay for them so much.

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  1. Vlad, thanks for the post, I really like it.

    И поздравь Веру и девченок от нас с 8м марта.

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