Our first days in Malaysia

We are still going through the process of acclimatization. My wife and I are doing fine but for our kids it turned out to be much harder. One of our daughters even fainted today, and we called an ambulance which brought her to a clinic. Now she is better, and we know that ambulance service here works fine. Moreover, it didn’t cost us anything at all (in New Zealand we would have to pay hundreds of dollars — every minor issue in that country caused me a heartache).

Apart from that, everything is OK. My wife is watching Bollywood movies on TV (well… in Hindi with Malay subtitles, but anyway), the children are enjoying Chinese cartoons (will they learn Chinese this way?), I am drinking chrysanthemum tea, and reading the book G. A. Henty: Among Malay Pirates.

But most of what we enjoy after two years in jail New Zealand is … cucumbers!!! Here they cost 2 ringgit per kilo. Yes, they are sold by kilograms, not by one like in New Zealand, where a single cucumber costs 2 to 3 NZ dollars. Sometimes, in New Zealand they sell even halves of cucumbers wrapped in a plastic. This is really strange because cucumbers are almost 97 percent water. Today we bought a big bag of cucumbers and were devouring them like crazy.

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