Modern way of doing business

Nowadays, many businesses, especially in so called ‘developed’ countries behave like scammers. Their marketing strategies can be summarized as follows: “To play tricks with customers in order to chop their cash”.

I remember, when I moved from Afghanistan to New Zealand, I was shocked at how unethically a lot of Kiwi businesses operate.

In Afghanistan, if something is sold for, say, $100, then you see the exact amount $100 advertised. You pay exactly $100 and walk away happily with your purchase. In New Zealand, they will never put $100 on their price tag. They will write $99 to play some annoying psychological tricks on you. And in your final receipt you will get something like $130. Why? Oh, they add taxes, service charges, and other who-knows-what charges so that you pay more than was initially advertised.

In Malaysia the situation is better, and I already started telling my friends how good life is here but unfortunately this universal trend of playing dirty marketing tricks has reached this country as well.

I am using Digi prepaid on my mobile phone. After New Zealand, call rates feel pleasantly normal. However, when you reload money on your phone, your top up has very limited validity. It lasts 10 days if you load 10 Ringgit. After 10 days your phone becomes limited only to incoming calls even if you still have credit. To activate it again, you need to top up another 10 Ringgit which extends its validity for another 10 days. If you spend less than 10 Ringgit every 10 days, credit accumulates on your phone but you cannot use it. When another 10 days pass your phone becomes inactive, so you have to top up 10 Ringgit to make it work.

I called the customer service, and asked what to do if I spend less than 10 Ringgit per 10 days, and how to extend validity without having to load more money. The guy on the phone lied me that there is no way to do it, and that I have to pay 10 Ringgit every 10 days even if I use much less.

I decided to google, and check what other people did. Soon I found the following blog post:

It turns out that it is possible to get 1 year validity on Digi prepaid SIM card. Customer service didn’t tell me about it. Just in case I copy the instruction from that blog here:

  1. Make sure you have more than RM35 in your prepaid account.
  2. Dial *128# and SEND
  3. Choose “Talk Time Services”
  4. Choose “Super Long Life”
  5. Confirm your choice
  6. The system would deduct RM30 from your account and extend your airtime validity to 365 days

So from now you only need to top up whenever you feel you need the credit and not because your airtime expired.
Each top up after this will expire based on the Super Long Life validity date

OK, I activated their ‘Super Long Life’. Will see how it works.

Tips for present days customers

  1. Prepare for disgusting marketing tricks from your service provider
  2. Never ever believe customer service. Use Internet instead to learn how to bypass their scams
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