Reading “The Hindu”

Yes, you see it, it’s not fake, I am really reading The Hindu newspaper (Tiruchi edition) every day, even though I still don’t like journalists, and never believe what they write.

A few extracts from articles that I found interesting (just found that some of them are also available online):

Passion for studying abroad runs high in Tiruchi

It is the season when education consultancies are flooded with enquiries from students eyeing education opportunities abroad.
Education consultancies here reveal that the number of city students pursuing postgraduate studies abroad has grown exponentially, and this year there is demand for undergraduate programmes too.

Armenia and Ukraine, among other former Soviet Union countries, are the most preferred for their reasonable fee structures and linkages with top medical universities worldwide. Students must exercise caution so as to ensure the universities are approved by the Medical Council of India and all courses are taught in English, he says.

Read the whole article

Yeah, Indians still hold to a false belief that the grass is greener on the other side. Here is a success formula for an educational institution: Teach your courses in English, make the cost lower than in English speaking countries and get approval from the Indian government. Then thousands of Indian students will flock into your university. If you also organize a steady supply of curry in your town and give them unlimited Internet connection for downloading movies, then your institution will prosper!

When roads become killing fields, shouldn’t we act?

According to a Maruti Suzuki weblog, more than 1,00,000 Indians are dying every year in road accidents. More than a million are injured or maimed. Many years ago, a study found that road accidents cost the country some Rs.550 billion every year.

Read the whole article

It looks like more people die on the roads than in war conflicts or natural disasters.

I couldn’t find the next article online, so I copy just one paragraph from it here:

If you like monkeys, don’t ever feed them. If others are feeding monkeys, politely stop them. Feeding monkeys affects their health, stress, and social relationships. Monkeys are then increasingly killed on roads by speeding vehicles or hurt badly when they enter houses or shops. Instead of literally killing them with kindness, learn to enjoy watching them in their natural habitat, eating wild foods from the trees. Feeding monkeys and throwing trash around is the root cause of the so-called monkey menace. It is the menace of tourists and trash that really needs to be controlled.

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