My solar coffee maker

This is my solar coffee maker:

Like many things in my life, it is a mixture of high-tech and indigenous craftsmanship.

This thing is sold for 45 Rupees in the local market:

I noticed that it’s shape is close to parabolic, and thought that if I wrap it with something reflective, I would get a device that concentrates solar rays.

Preparing Arabic coffee with sugar:

The surface of this pan is reflective. It therefore won’t become hot in the sun. To make it absorb solar energy and turn it into heat I wrapped the pan with a black sock.

Here I am sacrificing my sock for the sake of science:

Note: Prior to the experiment, the sock was thoroughly washed to prevent contamination and smell. The coffee was therefore safe to drink.

This is the first version of my solar coffee maker (version 1.0):

The next version, 1.1:

Some sort of disaster had happened to my CD writer, so I kept adding damaged CDs to my solar coffee machine. Then I noticed that CDs gave a substantial contribution to the machine’s output. Therefore, the next version was a complete rebuild, and got a number 2.0:

Even though this design looks more high-tech, it is actually more village friendly because CDs are sold in every local shop, while to get aluminium foil I had to travel to Tiruchirapalli, and found it only in a big supermarket.

This is how I adjust the cooker to track the sun’s position in the sky:

Rear view:

Almost ready:

Enemies are coming:

I’ve now become sensitive to clouds and wind (I am probably the only one in the village who jumps from joy when the weather is hot and sunny).

Finally, if the sky is not too cloudy, and there’s not much wind, then in the afternoons I have a chance to enjoy my coffee.

The capacity of my Solar Coffee Maker 2.0 is one pan (3 small cups) of coffee per day. It is not a lot, because the shape is not exactly parabolic and I didn’t do any calculations and drawings. I think my next version, 3.0 will be a bit different. But, anyway, it works!

Disclamer! If you make a similar device, and then become a coffee addict, or renewable energy activist, or whatever silly thing comes into your head as a result of your experiments, the author of this blog will not be responsible. Do it on your own risk!

Ideas and design hints were taken from the following web-site:

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