A white Indian

An article in The Hindu newspaper about an American who grew up in India and, as the British used to say during the Raj times, ‘has gone native’: MY HUSBAND AND OTHER ANIMALS — Appearances are deceptive. He even has an Indian passport.

He is routinely interrogated by Immigration officials of every country we visit — where was he born, who are his parents, why does he hold an Indian passport. When so many Indians wave American, British and passports of other nationalities, why is it so abnormal for an American to hold an Indian passport?

The officer was Hispanic, and he started rapping away in Spanish to me. I had to cut him short with “No habla español.” He wanted to see proof of identity. “India,” he drawled thoughtfully. And Rom? “Also Indian.” The agent had never heard anything so weird in his life. A white Indian? His eyes darted from Rom’s face to the passport and back. More questions followed. Finally, he had no choice but to be satisfied with Rom’s Indian nationality.

Read the whole article here. This man’s website is: http://www.draco-india.com/

P.S. A few years ago in Afghanistan, I met an African American woman who had lived most of her life in China. She loved China and even felt herself a Chinese. The question ‘where are you from?’ was painful for her. If she replied: ‘I’m from China’ people laughed at her because she didn’t looked Chinese. However, she couldn’t call any country other than China as her own.

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