Marina Beach in Chennai

Locals claim it to be the world’s second longest. I think they are modest. They could have claimed it to be the longest in the world. Why not? Who will check it? It’s not really the second longest anyway (according to the Wikipedia page).

After I’ve seen Baldwin Street in Dunedin which they claim to be the world’s steepest, I understood that all such claims should be taken with a grain of salt. Go to any provincial town in the Hindu Kush mountains, and you’ll see that every second street in it is at least as steep as Baldwin Street, and every tenth one will be steeper.

But such “world records” sell well to tourists, and — what is more important — tourists are happy to buy them, so let it be.

Marina Beach could probably also be called the world’s widest. At least I’ve never seen such a wide beach before. A lot of place to have fun with children.

Watch out for your shoes, however. My daughter’s sandals are gone to the sea. Thankfully, there are many shoe shops on the beach. I think they make a good profit.

We enjoyed Marina beach. It is easily accessible by bus from any part of the city. A wonderful place to spend an evening with your family in Chennai.

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  1. About long beaches: How about ‘Ninety Mile Beach’ on the north-west coast of the North Island of New Zealand? It really is very long, and has been used as the main highway north of Auckland even, for people living up the coast. You have to watch the tides, though. The tidal difference is considerable, and if you don’t take care to find a little gap in the sand-hills so that you can drive the car up to the road on dry land again when the tide comes in, you have to leave the car to be submerged and then wait for the tide to recede. Some friends of mine actually got stuck on the beach like that and had to hose the car down considerably with fresh-water afterwards.

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