It’s not safe anymore for pregnant women to go to Europe: authorities can take your child away at birth

Well, modern European countries are definitely more caring about little children. It’s a tremendous progress compared to, say, ancient Egypt where Jewish newborn boys were cast into the Nile river. In Europe today they are cast into foster homes. At least they stay alive.

Source: Lord Justice Wall takes on an alarming child-snatching case

29 Oct 2011

On June 27, a year-old baby that had been torn from its mother’s arms at birth (but was later returned to the couple on a judge’s orders) developed a fever. When the parents took the baby to hospital for medical advice, the staff contacted social workers, who called in the police on an allegation that the parents had drugged the baby with opium. The parents were arrested and held in a police cell for 27 hours. The baby was taken back into care.

This month, I am told, the police announced that no charges would be brought against the couple, lab tests having shown no trace of any drugs. The social workers had apparently known this for weeks. Meanwhile, they asked the police to arrest the couple on a charge of conspiracy to abduct their other five children from foster homes and take them abroad. The parents had no idea where their children were, having not seen them for many months. Again, it seems, no charges are to be brought, because there was no evidence.

Source: Behind a wall of secrecy, parents who lost their children are now in jail

In one case, involving a mother who had escaped to Ireland to avoid having her unborn child seized at birth, Wall in September delivered a public judgment, based on his reading of two hearings by earlier judges, whose judgments he ordered to be published. (They have still not appeared.) Recently, the mother returned from Ireland, leaving her baby behind, to face criminal charges which she imagined were so odd that she would be acquitted. Instead she was remanded in custody by magistrates, to await trial in the new year. Until then she must remain in prison, separated from her seven-month-old child.

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