Some links about state kidnappings of children in Western countries

The iron hand that rocks the cradle by Marianne Haslev Skanland, Professor Emeritus, Bergen, Norway

Some extracts from this article:

The truth is: Almost all families attacked by the CPS are both good and loving. Some need help, e.g. financial; but most of them need nothing other than to be left in peace by this vicious agency and its helpers. The CPS smashes the family and destroys the individuals.


Parents who are frightened or who protest are stamped with a quack psychiatric diagnosis. There is not much need of real social work in Norway and what there is (helping out with practical tasks such as washing and cooking in homes where the parents are ill), the social workers do not want to do. The CPS, in order to have work, wants children and they attack anybody who is vulnerable. That means mostly poor people, Norwegians as well as foreigners, because they are helpless to defend themselves. The general population chooses to disbelieve and despise the families, to believe CPS lies, and to believe that they themselves could never be hit because they are such good parents.

It would be useful to make a list of the countries where such crimes take place in order to warn families who go there with their children. I know so far that such are Scandinavian countries, Germany, and the UK. The following comment to the above mentioned article talks about Switzerland.

I saw a subtitled documentary on french channel TV5 about Switzerland and how it had been removing children from their homes for years for the mildest of pranks like hiding the clothes from the clothes line of a grouchy neighbour or listening to modern music not conforming to a dress code They were kept in juvenile homes for years together. There were actual victims ( the children now adults ) .. speaking out about how their lives had been ruined by this .. and their parents too similarly had no recourse to the law to get their children .. the state organisation had psychologist which branded them with tags like sexual addicts ( because some underclothes had also been in the clothes hidden from the clothesline ) The Swiss story too echoed the things in this article and I think it would be great if the Hindu continues its coverage.

More links:

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Dr Mengele & Co in action in Norwegian homes?

The attitude of social professions involved in the child protection sector

The Nordic Committee for Human Rights – NCHR a forum for people focusing on children and their obvious right to live with, and have continuous contact with, their biological family. Marianne Haslev Skanland, Professor Emeritus, Bergen, Norway

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  1. “It would be useful to make a list of the countries where such crimes take place in order to warn families ..”

    Yes indeed.

    Scandinavia means Denmark, Norway, Sweden. You can certainly add the other Nordic countries: Finland, Iceland and the little Faeroe Islands. They are just not, because of language differences, of so great “interest” to our press and not so easily visible to private individuals (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish are dialects). In Finland there are certainly bad cases, on Iceland they have at least started, more than 10 years ago, on the “false sex abuse accusations” carousel which destroys so many families, and one cps case from the Faeroe Islands was reported by a mother to the Danish website

    You can also add the USA. You yourself have found, Vlad. It was previously run for many years by Linda Martin, under the name “Fight CPS and Win!” There have been a multitude of other websites and posters in America also, cf “A tribute to Pamela Gaston” ( And there is a host of articles and videos about Nancy Schaefer, a senator of Georgia, USA, who spoke out strongly against cps abuses, was not reelected as a senator, probably for that reason, and has later died in a mysterious fashion, cf “The Senator Nancy Schaefer memorial Information Project” ( and “A tribute to Nancy Schaefer” ( Googling e.g “cps Nancy Schaefer youtube” gives you enough to choose from.

    There is at least one case in which Austria was found guilty of a violation in a cps case at the European Court of Human Rights. I’ll locate it by and by.

    These cases seem to “blossom” in every country which educates and employs a growing number of social workers and psychologists and introduces the same kind of education for school teachers, health personnel and what have you. When the Nordic countries loom large, I think it is because cps activities are more expansive here, but basically they seem to be of the same kind elsewhere too. A good friend who watches Russian tv and reads Russian websites a lot, tells me that they are at it in Russia too, in spite of their financial troubles. Do you have any information on that?

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