This is what I got from my students today

NN stands for the Neural Network. 2007/2008 is when they started. They also made a tea party for us. It was nice. It’s sad to see them leaving. I wish them success. Tomorrow is my last exam. Should be a lot of fun. For me, at least… but hopefully for my students as well.

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  1. Thank you sir and we are really glad for coming from far away land to our small university to teach is just a simple present to memorize us..

  2. Thank you and we appreciate your contribution sir. And it was nice to learn from a lecturer like you.

  3. We will always be thankful to you for all the hard work and efforts you have put in, for educating us .appreciate so much your different teaching style

  4. and evaluating method

  5. Thank you very much sir…We are fortunately learn from you.

  6. And a little addition..this 41 packets means 41 students of 2007/2008 batch..

  7. Sir,
    We very much appreciate your service for us, for Uva Wellassa University, as well as for our country Sri Lanka. You are a big strength for us.

  8. Sir,

    This is just a simple present from our batch to represent our thankful to you. The great service that you have done and the help you given to us will remain in our harts. Thank you very much for visit Sri Lanka and the great service at Uva Wellassa University.

  9. Thank you very much sir..we were very lucky to learn from you.

  10. Thanks for all which you have thought for us.

  11. Hey guys, it’s of course pleasant to read your comments, but for now STOP reading my blog and go to prepare for the exam that you have tomorrow!!!

  12. Влад,
    давненько я не заглядывал к тебе в блог, столько нового всего 🙂
    не понял только почему на твоем подарке звёзды давида?

    • Хмм… наверное это какая-то часть всемирного сионистского заговора 🙂

    • В Шри-lanaka звезда является символом отлично.

      Translatated to Russian using Google Translater.. 🙂

  13. Thank you sir.i think our present is too small to appreciate your great service,and also i think you made non-volatile memories in our life…

  14. Thank You Very Much Sir

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