Pictures of the Uva Wellassa University

UWU -- Uva Wellassa University

Administration building


Library (with my auto-portrait on the door 🙂 )

Road to the library (will be paved soon 🙂 )

Road sign. Notice the names of the hostels.




Canteen. In my opinion, the best food in Sri Lanka is in the University canteens. Think I am wrong? Suggest other places 🙂

IT people at work (I hope they will not disconnect me for taking this photograph 🙂 )

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  1. напоминает казармы немного 🙂 всё сделано в таком сухом армейском стиле, особенно столовая.
    На фото не вижу девушек, они там вообще есть? или им нельзя учиться?

    • Эка т’я на девушекъ позъыпать патенуло. Ща фсё тваей благъавернай стукану! Храсафицъ писъанныхъ тутъ да поболе чемъ у вашых вашыхтонщинахъ днёмсахнём надыбать. Хдешъ ты краину таку зырилъ шобъ ейныхъ дефушекъ вчицца ниспускали??? Аль промыватъ вамъ мазги прапаханта амриканьска. Сори шо пяшу зело альяповато, та маи студенты гугелемъ не толмачиствовали.

  2. I think Uva Wellassa University is the most beautiful University in Srilanka.

  3. yes dr my university is the most beautiful University in Srilanka.

  4. yes sir UWU is the most beautiful university with various climatic conditions during the year. U always in my mind as different person I ever seen in my UWU life. So its pleasure to see u again…..

  5. I’d like to have that UWU logo into my garden.

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