Americans deport illegal immigrants but take their children and keep them in foster homes

Source article: Esther Cepeda: Deported, and now childless:

And worse, as Seth Freed Wessler, the author and principal investigator of the ARC’s report “Shattered Families: The Perilous Intersection of Immigration Enforcement and the Child Welfare System” told me, “In some cases, when parents are back in their native countries, (child welfare agencies) are denying parents custody by arguing that, even parentless, children are better off in the U.S.”

Cruelly, that’s exactly the stance the Alleghany County Department of Social Services in Sparta, N.C., is taking as it tries to sever all of Montes’ parental rights. As the AP reported, the agency believes the kids would be better off here in foster care than in Mexico with their dad and his family because he lives in a small village and the residence, while having a refrigerator, satellite TV, a microwave, room to play and a school nearby, lacks running water.

The whole thing is ridiculous. There are people all over the world who don’t have the luxury of running water, but our government doesn’t usually take an active role in scattering their families.

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