This video was taken a few years ago. Fran Lyon, the girl in this video did the right thing: she fled the country. Otherwise her baby would have been taken at birth.

More links about Fran Lyon:

Runaway mum has baby girl

Fran Lyon – Stolen Baby

A Nigerian Family - Destroyed by Haringey Council - Gagged from Reporting

The moderator can’t believe it and calls it ‘medieval’. Denise Robertson MBE wonders

why people are not getting behind John Hemming MP’s campaign.

John Hemming MP says

there are many lawyers out there who are also working for the local authorities and therefore don’t work for you.

The public would be up in arms, if they knew what is going on… But here’s another story: Kidnapped by Haringey Social Services.

I refrain from sharing the news about Gloria and Chiwar Musa, simply because they are too terrible to be true. Already the whole case is beyond belief, in terms of criminality and cover-ups.

I can only recommend that you watch this video, if you need any iota of conviction that this ‘system behind closed doors‘ needs to STOP NOW.

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  1. Many thanks for re-blogging and letting me ‘meet’ you!

    I wish you lived round the corner – either in Berlin or in London…

    I’m using this theme for

    Happy family life in Kabul!


    • Thanks, but I don’t think I will be willing to come to London or Berlin any time soon: I have small kids. You are welcome to visit us instead. No social services here 🙂

      • THANKS, Vlad!

        Wishing you to be round the corner was my way of saying how I love your combination of languages, computing and science PLUS the caring for people who suffer from “Social” Services.

        Don’t think I’ll come to your bit of the world in any foreseeable future. I suppose it’s work that took you there?

        • I currently work in Sri Lanka as a university lecturer.

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