Playing kasiya sewiima in the rain

Kasiya sewiima — searching for the coin

Kasiya — coin
sewiima — searching
soyanawa, hoyanawa — to search




Each player has to find the coin hidden in flour without using their hands.



The rain is getting stronger.


Hiding from the rain under the roof of a nearby shop.

While waiting for the rain to stop, the guys were dancing and singing. In particular, they sang the following song.

Rallen Rallata Pawena Oruwe

Rallaen rallata paawena oruwe
(The boat is floating from wave to wave)
Yannam diyambata ra yaame
(I going to the horizon in the night)
Ambu daruwo maa, dewiyo rakiwa
(My wife and children will be protected by God)
Enathuru maa ude maa
(Until I come back in the morning)

Gomman ra maha saagara andure
(In the deep night’s darkness of the sea)
Ho ho handa kareke
(Ho ho sound is heard)
Yannam athata me kara diyare
(I am going far away into the sea waters)
Iranama ra gamane
(That is the fate of the trip)
Dura werale me yaame
(In the far away coast this moment)
Sathapewa mage daruwo
(My children will sleep)
Kadamalu wu pan padure
(On the worn out mat)
Thaniwe ma saagaraye
(I am all alone in this ocean)

Lantharum eli sulangata niwuna
(The lantern lights are dimmed by the wind)
Kampa we handa maa
(My heart is in distress)
Mandaaram wahi athin enawa
(Heavy rain is coming)
Muhude jala kalabaa
(The waves are getting wild)
Asaranayo ma waage
(Helpless people like me)
Deviyani ko dilindu mage
(Where is God of poor people like me)
Rakadewa asarana maa
(Protect helpless me)
Thaniwe ma saagaraye
(I am all alone in this ocean)

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