A septemvigesimal (base-27) numeral system is used in some regions of Papua New Guinea.

This system is also used for a compact representation of ternary (base-3) and nonary (base-9) numbers in the same way as hex is used to compactly represent binary.

Telefol counting starts with the fingers of the left hand (1 being the pinky), progresses from the thumb (5) to the wrist, lower arm, elbow, upper arm and shoulder (6–10), the side of the neck, ear and eye (11–13) and thence through the nose (14) and right eye (15) to the right pinky finger (27). The Telefol idea of a very large number is kakkat=14*27=378.

Source: Institute of Mathematics and Informatics. Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Counting, the Telefol way

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