Colombo Fried Nazis

Your Kentucky Fried Chicken is boring. In Sri Lanka we have Colombo Fried Nazis! Also known as the ‘Third Rice’ (links: here, and here).

You can eat it with Greenpeace curry or with Rose Chicken. And you are welcome to experience a real milk power!

For those who don’t know Malay, I’ll explain. ‘Goreng’ means ‘fried’. ‘Nasi’ (not Nazi!) means ‘rice’ but Sri Lankans are excellent in spelling 🙂

Sri Lankan culinary wonders are numerous: E-Ginger, Coka Cola, Mixed Mong, Devilled C, Crabs Sing, Cuttle Fis, Fruit Cock and Pissa are among them.

If Fried Nazis don’t sound nice enough to you, you can try Maniac Fries, deviled or prossded chicken, backed and jacked potatoes or Butt Cookies.

There is also Barota, String Copers, Fruit Salat, Ice Gream, Deval, and Chopsi. And you can order a real poo for lunch. Or for brecfast.

Welcome to try Sri Lankan food,  just be aware of the Fish Ban in the island.

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