More about the conference

It was great! (see also the previous post). Many interesting presentations and discussions.

A view from the conference room.

Main themes were related to adding value to Sri Lankan natural resources with nano-applications.

One of the topics was making carbon nano-tubes from Sri Lankan vein graphite.

Sri Lankan graphite mined in Bogala and Kahatagaha is one of the purest in the world but currently it is exported cheaply as a raw material. If high-tech products are manufactured from it locally it will boost Sri Lankan economy.

Another related topic was production of nano-magnetite from magnetite ore found in Matale.

There was a number of presentations on nano-tech improvement of organic solar cells.

Among other topics were: nano-coatings, applications to agriculture, and enhancement of medical devices.

The atmosphere of the conference was inspiring. I got new contacts and ideas, and also was invited to visit a few labs.

I believe Sri Lanka is a promising place for scientific research in the coming years. Although not many facilities are available yet, Sri Lanka has one very positive factor that, in my opinion, will help it to outperform other countries.

This factor is their openness to the outside world. To do science in Sri Lanka, you don’t have to be a Sri Lankan. If you are willing to work here and contribute to the country’s development, you will be warmly welcomed no matter where you are from, what your language or religion is.

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