Taxi services in Colombo

It is simple. You call them, say where you are and where you want to go. You pay according to the meter. The fares are reasonable.

There is a number of companies. Here are the phone numbers of some of them:

Meter Taxi 2 592 592
Budget Taxi 7 299 299
Nano Cab 2 67 67 67

They all use Tata Nano. To fit into this vehicle, the size of both your luggage and yourself has to be in the nano-scale.

If you don’t fit in, you are outdated, as pretty much everything these days is nano.

I’ve only used Budget Taxi so far. Happy. Excellent service.

If the operator who is answering your call doesn’t understand your accent, he will hang up the phone. Then you’ll hear a sweet recorded female voice saying that all operators are busy, so could you please leave a message after the beep. Immediately after the beep, another sweet recorded female voice says: “Sorry, our mailbox is full, we cannot accept more messages”.

Don’t give up. Just call them again. Another operator will answer and hopefully will understand you.

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  1. Yes i heard about Colombo taxi services. They charge reasonable and cheap.

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  3. Thanks for finalkly talking about >Taxii services in Colombo | Vladnama <Liked it!

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