I coined a new medical term: Melachroinophobia. Like most scientific terms, it is constructed from Greek words. In this case, μελαχροινός — “dark” or “dark-skinned”; φόβος — “fear” or “morbid fear”.

Melachroinophobia is a type of anxiety disorder prevalent in many parts of Asia, Latin America, and Oceania.

Its symptoms include fear of darkening of one’s own skin, mania for skin whitening, feeling inferior when comparing oneself to people whose skin is fairer.

Women and especially young girls are more susceptible to melachroinophobia than men.

I noticed that even breathtakingly beautiful girls who could compete in beauty contests (and easily win them all!) may often feel unhappy thinking that they don’t look good because their skin is not fair enough.

Many unethical business companies abuse melachroinophobic people. They try to lure them into paying more money for their products by promising skin-whitening effects.

This is a deodorant. I am sorry, I couldn’t get a better picture with my camera. The description on it says: “Herbal fairness action helps lighten & prevent under-arm discolouration, making under-arms fairer.”

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