Most of the time we don’t appreciate things that make us happy. We only start noticing them when they are gone.

We start thinking about our health only when we are sick. When the sickness is treated, we might be happy for a few moments but then stop being happy about it. We simply stop noticing that we are healthy as long as nothing happens.

It rarely makes us happy when our heart simply beats as usual, our eyes see, our arms and legs work.

We also don’t appreciate how happy we are that someone we love is with us. We only understand it when we are far from them, and miss them.

When they are back with us again, we might be happy for a short time but then quickly stop noticing our happiness and may even quarrel and fight with them.

“Oh, how happy I was when …” — we often think. “I wish I could return even one moment of the time when …”

Why is that? Why can we easily see what makes us unhappy but are so often blind to happiness?

I think there is a reason for that.

If we could every moment enjoy every single thing that makes us happy, we would die from euphoria. Our nervous system would collapse from a happiness overflow.

We would wake up and jump from joy because so many things work: we are still alive; a bomb didn’t fall upon our house while we were sleeping; we can breath because the atmosphere is still there, and we can stand up and go to work.

The sun is still shining, the Earth is orbiting, our families are still with us.

If we continue noticing the things that make us happy, we should enjoy each of the trillions of cells inside our body that still work as they are supposed to. And then we should be happy about each of the trillions of cells in each our relative and friend.

Don’t forget that cells are complicated mechanisms, and the fact that they work and don’t break is not so trivial.

The number of things that work well and make us happy is enormous. If we notice them all and enjoy each of them, our brain will probably blow up. We will not survive for more than a second. We will die of happiness.

We are constructed in such a way that we only notice things when they stop working or people when they are no longer with us.

We notice only when we become unhappy. Then we try to fix our problems.

So enjoy this natural protective mechanism. And if you are overwhelmed with problems, try to count things that still work: the sky is not falling, the stars are shining, and trillions of your cells are still perfectly doing their job.

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