South Asian Syndrome

I continue to coin new medical terms. This time it is South Asian Syndrome.

Wow, even its acronym looks cool: SAS.

South Asian syndrome is a psychological phenomenon closely related to Stockholm syndrome.

Stockholm syndrome is when hostages love their captors.

As you know, most of South Asia was under British colonial rule in the past. The British made a lot of money by exploiting local resources and population. They oppressed the locals, considered them uncivilized savages belonging to a lower race.

What do we see now?

Now South Asians love Britain. They admire Britain. They worship Britain. In Britain they trust.

A snapshot from the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. It’s exaggeration, of course. They don’t do pooja to Her Majesty in this way. However, there are many other ways in which people in South Asia express their admiration towards Great Britain.


Hail,Hail to Ingland! Hail,Hail,Hail.
Source: TypoInColombo

If you want to sell some crap here, say that it is British. People will buy it.

Yeah, the British can’t be wrong. Must be good biscuits.




London, Sussex, Cambridge, Oxford — these names awaken sweet memories of childhood. Most kindergartens, schools, and colleges in this region have such names.



A very substandard school. But British names sell well.


Most streets still have English names.

An attempt to write “Circular Road”.
Source: TypoInColombo

Dear Britons (also Australians and Kiwis), you have so many immigrants from India and Sri Lanka not because they come to you in search of greener pastures. They come because they love you!

Such a love…

I taught school children in a Tamil village to draw this heart in Inkscape when I was a computer teacher last year.


Hey, they don’t look like British. Must be German spies…

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