If you want to see Russia, travel to New Zealand

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This is the funniest story I’ve read in a while, but it’s also one of the saddest. Two Romanians traveled to New Zealand to study/visit. Thousands of other people do the same and Kiwis make a lot of money from this.

To cut the story short, they were denied entrance, their passports have been confiscated and they were sent home, but not to Romania, to Russia.

Conclusion: you want to see Russia? Come to NZ! Next time they’ll send them to Siberia. They succeed even where Stalin failed!

This rejection and the racist comments made by one of the visa officers makes me wonder if this is truly a Nazi country as I sometimes say mockingly.

I wished I could tell these people that perhaps being returned is not a bad thing, there is absolutely nothing interesting to see in NZ, not for the money one has to pay here to visit this or that.


Read more stories about lives of immigrants in one of the leftovers of “the Empire on which the sun never sets” and in which South Asians so blindly trust that their brains switch off immediately when the shadow of that decaying Empire runs over them.

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