A machine for making breathable air on Mars

This is a design by my daughter:

The bunny in the upper right corner is the motor that drives the machine.

More information about making air on Mars:

  1. Robert B. Dyck (2003). Artificial photosynthesis: a low power recycling life support system.
  2. Robert Zubrin, Brian Frankie, and Tomoko Kito (1997). Mars in-situ resource utilization based on the reverse water gas shift: experiments and mission applications.

How to get liquid water on Mars:

  1. Daniel D. Slosberg (2000). The “Martian farmer”: mining water from the Martian regolith.
  2. Roderick Hyde, Muriel Ishikawa, John Nuckolls, John Whitehead & Lowell Wood (1999). Wet Mars: Plentiful, readily-available Martian water and its implications.

You can find these articles on the website of the Mars Society’s publications: http://www.marspapers.org/.

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