Why you should not fear maths

I gave a quiz to my students today.

I put the questions in a plastic bag and hung it on a tree behind the football field.

To the students, I explained the rules:

Each of you should choose only one question.

Some questions are easy, the others are difficult. But I will mark them equally. Try to pick the easy one.

An extra A+ will be given to the first three students who answer the question correctly.

The questions are not with me. They are on the tree behind the football filed, so you better run there as fast as you can because the first one who gets there will have a chance to choose the easiest question, and those who are late, will have to content themselves with what is left.

Ready, Set, Go!

At first they rushed to the wrong tree.

I watched them from the second floor of the building and had to direct them by shouting and pointing where to go.

Then, they found the questions, returned back and did the quiz.

There were more questions in the bag than the students in the group.

One of the questions started with an impressively looking mathematical problem with a scary formula, but in the end of it I wrote:

Actually, this is a lucky paper. Forget this question. No need to answer it. Just bring it to the teacher and get an A+.

No one took this question…

When they saw the scary formula, they stopped reading it and turned to other questions.

The moral of the story is: If you don’t fear maths, you can get your problem solved with a minimal effort. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for this funny story. You’re evil Dr. Vlad! 🙂
    I just see the same attitude here at my place. Even those who graduated recently, and presumably supposed to be familiar with math, still hold the same stigma of “scary math”.

    • Dear Dr. Alexey,

      Could you please be kind enough to consider my humble request (ne soblagovolit li ljubeznyj i dostopochtennyj dzhin…) not to call me Dr. Vlad at least in my blog.

      Extremely sorry, dear Sir, for disturbing Sir and causing to dear Doctor possible inconvenience by aforementioned request.

      With kind regards,

      Yours faithfully, (da prosto stebus’ tak nad mestnym vitievatym chinopochitaniem)


      • U nas zdes’ pohozhaya istoria, chinopochitaniem stradayut byurokraty, potoyanno v obrsheniyah ko mne stoit Dr.

        • Blin, vezde tupizmy. Mne uzhe zdes’ vse obrydlo, hochu valit’, tol’ko ne znaju kuda. Gde by tak, chtoby tupizma pomen’she.

  2. you should have give them a equation to solve and find the proper tree 😀

    • This is where “jungle people” come from. They used to be students until some cruel teacher like me gave them an equation to find a proper tree…

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