Illegal immigration is green

During my last visit to Colombo, I noticed many advertisements of companies helping to get an Australian visa, and providing assistance with bureaucratic formalities of immigration to that country.

I also keep hearing news about Sri Lankans trying to immigrate to Australia illegally. They go there on boats and are often caught by the Navy.

The obvious question arises, which way is better — to do it legally or illegally. Each method has its pluses and minuses, and the answer will depend on what criteria you use to compare them.

Because nowadays, there’s a lot of fuss over protection of the environment, we can think, which way of immigrating to Australia is more green.

As you got from the title to this post, my opinion is that illegal immigration is more environmentally friendly.

It is obvious that the number of trees required to make a boat for crossing the ocean is much much much less than the number of trees needed to produce paper for endless application forms, letters, certificates and proofs that the paper-hungry Australian bureaucracy requires to do anything legally.

So, dear illegal immigrants, if someone asks you why you did it, tell them proudly: I cared for the environment!!!

As to me, I will not immigrate to Australia even if I get paid for doing that. No, thanks…

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