SpaceX founder envisions 80,000 people colony on Mars —


SpaceX reached some formidable milestones this past year alone, after it became the first private company to touch decks with the International Space Station when the un-manned Dragon capsule safely docked.

Their progress is formidable, considering they’ve only been operational for a decade, still SpaceX has yet to make a manned flight and it is already making formidable claims for the future.

Some would be quick to label these claims as follies, yet what brilliant milestone didn’t stand by the thread of madness?

It’s about pushing the limits, and Musk, who regularly logs in 100-tireless work hours a week, doesn’t like to set the bar low.

At one of his recent talks at the Royal Aeronautical Society, Musk said:

“At Mars, you can start a self-sustaining civilization and grow it into something really big,” referring to a Martian colony.

According to Musk, at first a very small, but very well supplied, crew would touch base with Mars and begin raising an outpost.

The team would install a transparent, pressurized dome with Martian CO2 where Earth crops in Martian soil could be grown.

As the outpost grows, fewer supplies would be needed to be ferried away from Earth, meaning more people could be brought to Mars.

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I will surely go. I’m tired of this Earth.

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