Where to register the birth of your baby in Colombo

It is here:


The original certificate is issued in Sinhala but you can order a translation at the same place.


They require a letter from the hospital where your baby was born, your passport, your spouse’s passport, and your marriage certificate.

Those who have a baby without a marriage certificate are seized on the spot, executed on the Slave Island and left to hang on the Liberty Square.

No, I am joking. I didn’t bring my marriage certificate because I forgot it in Badulla. They just asked me where and when I was married.

Those who are not married are also not killed. They just need to bring some additional documents, I don’t remember exactly which ones.

They start working at 7:30.

The office is in Kirulapona — a walking distance from Wellawatta (or Rs100 by a three-wheeler).

Then you need to legalise the certificate and its translation in the Ministry of External Affairs. It is in down-town, in this building:


There are many colonial buildings nearby.








Warning: This area is full of foreign tourists. As a result, it is full of scammers who will try to chop off your money. If you are a foreigner, then everyone who starts a conversation with you in this district is your enemy unless proven otherwise.

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