Our new intelligent tank will soon exterminate all bad people in Sri Lanka

I teach Artificial Intelligence to the 3rd year computer science students.

Recently, my brightest students completed an AI project under my supervision — a smart tank.


This tank can move fully autonomously, and is equipped with a human character recognition software that was also developed by us.


I really like the code that our students wrote. Here’s one snippet:

(loop for p in all-people-of-sri-lanka do
  (if (good? p) (move-on) (kill p)))


When the tank ‘sees’ someone, it automatically calculates whether that person is good or bad. If he is good, the tank moves on. If he is bad, the tank shoots him.


We had a presentation ceremony last Saturday and will launch the tank soon.


We will simply turn it on, and let it go wherever it wants. It will roam around the country and kill all bad people.


All dishonest shop-keepers, all bus conductors who don’t give you change — the tank will not spare anyone of them.


One 3rd year girl added a function that will make the tank kill all guys who lie to their girlfriends.


All cooks who prepare bad food should also run for their life.


I don’t really know, will the tank kill bad students. I wish it will but I didn’t check the whole code and I think they added some patch preventing this.


I hope, our innovation will be beneficial for the country. Soon there will be no more bad people in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka will become a paradise. A real pearl of the Indian Ocean!

If you want a similar tank for your country, feel free to order it from us.

We can assemble it for you in our lab and ship it to you within a few weeks.

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  1. will it kill liars too??

    • If you write a code for a liar killing function in Lisp and send it to us, we will be happy to add it to our tank.

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