The Sri Lankan style of bus driving

I was travelling by bus from Colombo to Badulla today.

On the road, we had an accident. Our bus hit a car.


Thankfully, nobody was injured.

The bus was almost intact:


The car was less fortunate, however:


The place where it has happened:


Nearby shops:






While we were waiting for the police and insurance officers, another bus to Badulla came and took all of us.

My unsuccessful attempt to make a self-portrait in a bus mirror:


In that second bus, I sat next to an old man and a young girl who was either his daughter or granddaughter. She was about twenty years old.

She had a terrible bruise on her forehead.

The man explained me that the bus had jerked so much that she had hit her head against some metal part.

Such situations happen in Sri Lanka all the time. If you stay here for a while, I am sure, you will witness accidents involving buses.

Sri Lankan drivers are more or less OK unless they drive a bus.

Sri Lankans cannot drive buses normally. They drive them as if they are trying to commit a suicide.

When I hitch-hiked, I noticed that buses are one of the biggest obstacles on the road. All drivers who picked me up complained about them.

This refers not only to inter-city buses. They drive in the same manner inside Colombo.

Yesterday, I was standing at the bus stop in Colombo waiting for a bus.

One bus stopped, and then another wanted to stop in front of it.
However, it was manoeuvring too fast and hit that standing bus.

The glass shattered around.

The drivers and bus conductors jumped out of their buses, quickly discussed what happened, then one of them handed money over to another, and they moved on.

They resolved this matter within a couple of minutes and without any police.

Be careful when using buses in Sri Lanka.

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