A “perfect” foster parent — a dream of child protection services

Whether you want it or not, they WILL take care of your child. They will “love” him to death…

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The boy had been taken by the CPS (child protection services), and when his mother was after many months allowed to see him, he had lost almost 10 kilos.

He was about 12 years old.

The boy finally had to be taken to hospital and was at last diagnosed with diabetes.

His mother was chased away from the hospital when she wanted to visit him there.

The boy was even after this neglect shown by the CPS and the fosterparents not allowed to go home but was sent back to the foster home.

He tried to commit suicide there by injecting himself with an overdose of insulin.

When telling the foster father what he had done, the foster father was irritated and sent him to the hospital alone in a taxi.

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Ufff… I am so happy that there is no child protection services in Sri Lanka!

Of course, there are bad doctors in Sri Lanka who can easily kill your baby with a wrong treatment like they almost did to my baby few weeks ago (thankfully, my wife sensed something wrong at the last moment, called her mother who is a paediatrician, and stopped this maltreatment) but, at least, the Government in Sri Lanka will not forcibly take your child from you and will not put it into foster care.

There’s another thing, in which Sri Lanka differs from the ‘civilised’ Western countries.

Sri Lankan Ministry of Health gives thriposha for FREE to pregnant and breastfeeding women, and to children below five years old if they are underweight.

My wife is getting it.

In New Zealand, if at least one of your children is underweight, they will refuse to extend your work permit and throw you away from the country because they are afraid that their Government will have to spend a few extra bucks on your baby.

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  1. NO CPS – wow – i think there is a need for the services, but they need to follow their protocol (laws) only a dream Nice article

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