Random, non-repeating picking of m elements from a list (in Lisp)

(defun random-pick-from-list (m lst)
  (let ((lng-lst (length lst)))
    (if (or (<= m 0) (> m lng-lst))
        with el 
        until (= (length rand-lst) m)
        when (not (find 
                    (setf el (nth (random lng-lst) lst)) 
          append (list el) into rand-lst 
        finally (return rand-lst)))))

It returns a list of m random elements from the list lst.

The elements are different (no repetitions).


(setf *p* '((a1 b1) (a2 b2) (a3 b3) (a4 b4) (a5 b5)))

(random-pick-from-list 2 *p*)


((A5 B5) (A3 B3))
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