Our radio contact with the International Space Station

Today we made a radio contact with a Kazakh cosmonaut, Aidyn Aimbetov, who is currently on board of the International Space Station.

This is our video:

Today’s TV news reports about us:

Khabar TV channel in Russian: link

Khabar TV channel in Kazakh: link

Newspaper articles about us:



Our antenna:


Cleaning after installation

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Our homemade 40/80 meter antenna

Recently, we made an antenna for 40 and 80 meter bands in our radio club, UN9GWA.

Here’s the video (in Russian but radio amateurs will understand what is going on):

The antenna is a closed loop of copper wire, a little bit longer than 80 meters.

The exact length was adjusted so that the internal tuner of our Icom IC-7600 was able to tune it for the 40 and 80 meter bands.

The antenna is stretched between our balcony on the ninth floor and the roofs of two neighboring buildings.

Because the wire is thin, the bandwidth is not large, and the antenna is not tuned for the whole 80 m band.

However, its length is adjustable. We soldered several terminals, half a meter apart, so we can change the length which shifts the resonant frequency within the band. This is what we do on the balcony in the video during our antenna party where we also made a fruit salad and cookies with marshmallow and chocolate by melting them under the sun.

Making antennas is fun. Seeing them work is even more fun!

Best wishes from our radio club!

73 de UN9GWA

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Learning to make a QSO in CW

All call-signs, names and QTHs appearing in this video are fictitious.

Any resemblance to real call-signs, names and QTHs is purely coincidental.

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Making a contact with Nepal over a ham radio

A short video of me at our university radio club, talking with a Nepali station:

The page (link) on the dx-world.net web-site gives some information about the station 9N7TB which I contacted

BA4TB and BD4TR are members of the Chinese earthquake rescue team in Kathmandu, Nepal.

They will be active as 9N7TB and 9N7TR when not doing emergency traffic.

Our radio club call sign: UN9GWA
QTH (location): Almaty, Kazakhstan

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